Founded by Matthew Law in 2013, FRIENDS & FAM (FNFparty) is “one of the greatest parties Philly has ever known” (quoted from Philadelphia Magazine’s Fabiola Cineas). Celebrating 6 consecutive years, FNFparty creates an atmosphere of community building that authentically connects with people, turning nightclubs into safe spaces where we can all find liberation and a more dynamic, creative identity. FNFparty prides itself on presenting an all-inclusive, “come as you are,” non-intimidating environment.



"I created FNFparty so the creative community could have a TRULY open format party––a safe space for all walks of life but also a shared space for all kinds of music to shake sum’n to. To me, FNF exemplifies the creative spirit through the dance party. It means open community, along with a love & appreciation for great music." - Matthew Law (Founder/Resident DJ)

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